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Seeking kidney in India for Anju

   My name is Lakshmi. I am from India,Bangalore.
   I'm 32 years old, married. I was born with one kidney.
   January of 2018 I was admitted to the hospital with severe bleeding from my nose and mouth.
   My doctor recommended dialysis. I can't  handle the pain of dialysis. I'm fed up with this.
   Please help! My blood group is O+. Contact me at anju.lakshmi1@gmail.com

Amy Needs Another Donor

  Amy is looking for her second living kidney donor and is B+.  Diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis, which is acute inflammation of the  kidney, has been dealing with kidney failure going on two years.

   Amy has come full circle. Seventeen years ago she received a kidney from her cousin. After Amy’s transplant in Denver she   later became a social worker for Fresenius helping others on dialysis.  Amy finds herself now on the other end.

Pop Pop needs an Angel Nick Sauter


Terry Wants A Donor

Oscar's Journey

It’s hard to tell what’s going on inside someone’s body just by looking at them. In Oscar’s case, his kidneys are failing. He's been dealing with CKF for 10 years. Time is not on his side. All who know Oscar know he's not one to give up easily, always persevering through everything that life has given him, always wanting to take care of everyone else without thinking of himself.

Steven Dickson

Steven, 40, has been waiting on a kidney since July 30, 2015.


Lisa, 47, has been waiting for a kidney since November 5, 2015.

While on vacation, my face started to swell up. Went to the ER and after a week in the hospital, found out I had renal failure secondary to Advil use from a mva. I am on peritoneal dialysis. I am married to my soul mate, have 2 great children and one furry child. I love crafting, traveling with my family and lots of other things that are hard to do with being on pd, etc. I am o+. Please help me!