I need your help!


 There comes a time in a person’s life where they can no longer do something for themselves and must ask for help.  I have arrived at one of those moments.
  As some of you know, I suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) which is a hereditary disease that causes your kidneys to lose function over time.  Your kidneys become covered with cysts and grow to an extra-large size.  I have tried to live a lifestyle that would help keep the disease at as slow a rate of progression as possible,  but my kidneys have reached the point of failing.  I am at the point of 21% kidney function which means I need to find a new kidney for a transplant. 
There are three options I face for treatment of my disease:  dialysis, a kidney transplant from a deceased donor or a kidney transplant from a living donor.   Dialysis will extend my life for a few years but that is only a temporary solution.   I will also be on a list for a deceased donor but that can take years as the over 100,000 waiting transplant patients can attest to. 

The use of a living donor is the best option for a kidney transplant.  The living donor can be anyone family, friend or stranger and they do not have to be an exact match to donate. Unfortunately, I am limited on family donors since I am adopted and one of my children has already been confirmed as having the disease.   A living donor kidney transplant offers less time on a waiting list, better short- and long-term survival and immediate kidney function for the recipient.   I have found out some additional information about kidney donation:

I know this is a lot to ask of someone and I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.  I have a team at the KU Med Center in Kansas City working with me to make my transplant successful.  If you would be interested in looking into donating a kidney please contact Jordan, Living Transplant Nurse, at 913-588-0266, and she will answer any questions you might have.