Financial Donors

The following are fine folks just like you who have helped with contributions to our charitable organization. We thank these and the many great people who are helping spread the word about organ donations.

Pat Avila
David and Jessie Esch
Mona Kaps
Liz Torres and family
Mark and Rita Avila
Jesse D Avila and Peggy Christiansen
Dr. Sean Smith & Kris Kohnke
Jana Doyle
Angie Evers
Thom Weik
Jennifer Hayes and family
Ruby Escalada
Dr. Jamie Torres
Christina Perez
John Escalada
Lupe Longoria
Trish Camarillo
JR Avila
Noemi Mendoza
Ann Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Houle
Vicky Hofer
David & Denise Severn

Your name can be on this list too. Simply go to our Donate to Save A Life page and help us out.